Tuesday, 30 June 2009

So this blogging malarky is beyond me - i started with every intention of keeping it up regularly and yet - i have only ever done one post.......months ago!! Not that it matters, i have no followers, maybe thats my issue, time for some self marketing i think.

Anyway i find i have new inspiration with all that is going on at work - communication seems to have gone nuts!! I suppose thats good for me though as i'm heading up the team that is supposed to be improving communications. There is blogging, yammering newsletters, 60 minutes with this person that person and the other - oh gosh i feel giddy just listing it!!!

As i sit writing this a tribute show is on the TV for Michael Jackson (r.i.p) and i am finding it a little odd. It's basically a countdown of his all time top 40 songs (all ok so far i hear you cry)...the strange thing is they are at number 25 and so far we have already seen Man in the Mirror (37ish), Will you be there (35), Who is it (36), in the closet (31), Thriller (30) and Stranger in Moscow at 26. It dosn't matter where in the world you are reading this (or your not as i have no followers) you will know that these are all classics and top 10 - 15 contenders - i mean come on surely Thriller and Man in the Mirror are number one contenders!!!! I think its done on sales - i think its pants - i think its an injustice!!!

So anyway for anyone that finds these ramblings i'd urge you to stay with me - i am going to commit (not suicide) to becoming a blogger.....until someone tells me to blog off anyway!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

So here we go....

Ok so here it is, the blog of one Michael Vincent Crane. A 25 year old male from Poole, Dorset in England. Why have i started a blog now, randomly, i hear you ask - well it just feels liek a good time and to be honest I think i'm doing it as a bit of self discovery really. Like a journal i suppose, i just could not be bothered to go to Smiths and buy one when the internet is available.

I suppose in this first blog i should explain a little about me and the title of the blog. Well i'm always described as a very outgoing and confident person, someone who is easy going and rarely offended. Truth is i'm nothing like that - i'm a deep and intellectual person. I spend a lot of tiem in my own thoughts wondering where my life is going - where i fit in and most importantly why!!

I don't show emotion well, in fact my mum tells me i have the emotional range of a teaspoon. I think its teh way i have been brought up - whenever i have expressed a feeling, i'm usually shot down in flames or just 'bettered' by someone else. Perhaps i'm doing something wrong but i rarely feel people listen to me when i'm talking about me or my feelings etc - therefore i have just stopped bothering.

I would definately not describe myself as normal, i work in a very professional business environment, yet i have a love for tattoos and being able to express ourselves for who we are. The company i work for are ok but they still encourage me to cover up - why??? Judge me for my work and not my appearance, right?

My family - well they can be described as disfunctional at best - i have two sisters - who are just such strong stubborn personalities that they seem to clash with everyone they meet. My parents are divorced and hate each other. They talk about each other in such horrid ways - god if they knew how much that hurt me!!! My mum doesn't talk to one of my sisters, my dad is less than friendly with the other. I have 4 nieces - 2 i see now and then, 2 i don't at all. Then there is me, stuck in the middle, constantly playing messenger and constantly unable to please everyone. I just feel like walking away from the lot at times but something stops me - loving them!!

I have some freat friends though and we get up to all sorts of crazy shit!! They are all quite reliable and usually we spend our time taking the piss out of each other in some way. I'm single at the moment, looking though - any applications should submitted ASAP haha!
The things i love doing are rock climbing, snowboarding (not done much though), bike riding, walking. I love tattoos and have seven - a dragon on my leg. Two faces on my back, 1 in flames and the other with butterflies around it. A grim reaper and tribal design on my left arm and a panther on my right. The panther is soon going to be covered by a large japanese half sleeve design with flowers and butterflies - no doubt there will be lots of updates on that here so watch out. The last tattoo i have is a secret!! :P

I'll finish off this first post with a few photos of me: